Since 2011, Talent Mind Education has started the following projects contributing to improve the university training quality.

1. community project

This project connects students, schools and employers to improve the practical ability of students:

  • The employers provide internship and part-time jobs posted on portal.
  • The students are updated the recruitment requirements and labor needs; well prepare knowledge and practice skills as soon as from the first year of university; and apply to the relevant internship jobs.
  • Schools publish their internship schedules and closely collaborate with the companies in training and practicing activities to develop quality human resources.


Given in 2014’s statistics, the portal has provided 143.000+ internship jobs of 75 professions from 15.000+ companies for 110.000+ students of 150+ schools in Vietnam.

This project was highly appreciated by universities, Tuổi Trẻ Newspaper, Tuoi Tre Online, VTV and HTV.

2. Developing professional working skills for students

Talent Mind Education also organizes many professional working skills development programs for students.


  • 100 professional working skills seminars program for IT students (detail…)
  • 100 professional working skills seminars program for finance – economics students
  • Talented students development program
  • Orientation program for new students (orientating the first year student: study methods, personal strengths identification, career path planning,  learning and practice planning)
  • Professional working skills development program for student via the professional skills interactive e-learning system

3. Enhancing professional skills for university lecturers

We have designed a special training program to contribute to enhance professional skills for university lecturers. The program helps lecturers leading their students to be motivated, dynamic and pro-active in study and research. It provides for lecturers the professional skills to coach students how to work and behave in industrial environments.

The program includes advanced professional working skills, effective learning and teaching methods, business etiquettes, project management, creative thinking, critical thinking, systems thinking and strengths-based leadership.

This program was successfully applied at HCMC University of Science, HCMC University of Technology, HCMC University of Foreign Languages and Information Technology, etc. It contributes to improve the training quality following AUN-QA, CDIO, ABET standards.

“It makes me more confident!” – Asc. Prof. Dr. Thai Thi Thu Ha, HCMC University of Technology

“The training was extremely beneficial. It has definitely given me knowledge and skills being used for my work and life improvement. I will hopefully be able to put it into practice and keep practice it. It was very inspirational and energizing with training material together with lots of exercises, games, video clips to illustrate points. I actually enjoyed it, excellent trainer… nice and inspiring group. I would highly recommend to others.” – Amina Hamith MSc., HCMC University of Science

“Firstly, I would like to say thank you for giving us valuable knowledge of life skills. The course provided us with full of interesting and practical lessons. It’s been 2 weeks since we finished the course and I’ve applied some techniques from the course to my teaching. The result is obvious. My students are becoming more punctual and responsible for not only their own study but also their group’s benefits.

Moreover, my students can identify their goals and objectives more clearly than before. I truly hope that with the techniques, I can inspire and also instruct them to reach their goals.

Secondly, as for myself, I can manage my time even better than ever. My “to-do” things are not getting stuck anymore. In addition, I learned how to control my anger and feeling more effectively with the techniques you gave me.

As for us – the trainees, every single time we meet in the campus, a warm handshake is seen. It helps us a lot to reinforce our relationships.

Finally, about you – our trainer, you made the course so lively with practical questions and answers. You also tried to answer all of our problems in the most satisfying way. The way you deliver the knowledge is easy enough to understand. And, you are so gentle, too.

Generally, I am satisfied with what I received from the course. All of the skills are practical and applicable.” – Huỳnh Phước Hải, MSc., HCMC University of Foreign Languages and Information Technology